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Here are some examples of how GreenMan Video Productions can help you to produce
compelling media for your organization, your product or your service.
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The Martyrs’ Shrine is the National Shrine to the Canadian Martyrs. The Shrine honours the eight Jesuit Saints who lived, worked, and died over 350 years ago, celebrating the significant contributions they made to the introduction of Christianity into aboriginal culture as well as the founding of the Province of Ontario and the nation of Canada. The Jesuit Order sees environmental stewardship as a key component of their societal obligations.
The Knights of Columbus are the service organization which helps the Jesuits fund / manage capital projects which maintain and improve the shrine.
Newmarket-Tay Power Distribution Ltd. (NTPD)
is an Ontario Energy Board licensed electricity distribution company.  Environmental stewardship is one of their corporate objectives.  A recent NTPD initiative provides cash incentives to offset the costs of replacing energy consuming equipment with energy efficient equipment.

Newmarket-Tay Power Distribution, The Martyrs’ Shrine and the Knights of Columbus collaborated on a project to remove all the incandescent lighting in the shrine.  The project has reduced the shrines’ utility bill by 30%.  Everyone involved is pleased with the result and proud of their role in the project.

RBWS Inc., NTPD’s PR company, hired GreenMan Video Productions to document the project as follows:


This project project was a grand success, well received by the stakeholders.


LifeLabs is a Canadian company with nearly 50 years of experience providing medical laboratory services to clients in B.C., Ontario and Quebec.

LifeLabs contracted GreenMan Video Productions to create a video which would celebrate the numerous process improvements resulting from their Rapid Continuous Improvement Program and promote RCIP to other parts of their organization.


RCIP video

This video was a combination of footage shot in the labs with employee interviews describing the benefits gained by their RCIP project.  Emphasis was given to how much fun the project members had and how much they learned.
The interviews were conducted in Ontario and B.C.  Our ability to control production costs was a major factor in LifeLabs’ decision to hire GreenMan Video Productions.  Fortunately, GreenMan Video Productions collaborates with a talented videographer in Vancouver so travel costs were kept to a minimum.

Unfortunately, our NDA prevents us from showing you any more than the first few seconds of the video.


Sensors & Software Inc. (SSI) is a Canadian company whose mission is to deliver innovative, practical, high performance Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) solutions that make subsurface information accessible to everyone.

GreenMan Video Productions was contracted to produce three videos to support SSI’s LMX-100 product line; a Product Assembly Guide, a Quick Start Video and a ‘Best Practices’ Guide.

You will notice that these videos only have a subtle musical track.  They do not feature voice overs.  Designing the videos for a potential international audience, SSI agreed to rely on on-screen text instead.  We designed the text overlays so that SSI could easily replace the English text overlays with other languages without the expense of coming back to GreenMan Video Productions for editing.

This is an excerpt from the SSI Utility Locating with GPR video.


SSI video


Click here to visit the SSI website and see all the videos.


Prologue to the Performing Arts represents a large roster of theatre, dance, music, puppetry, storytelling and variety / comedy performers.  Since 2011, GreenMan Video Productions has produced a number of performance & promotion videos for Prologue. A sample promotional video is shown below:

Prologue Promotional videos



CML video

At the time of this production, CML HealthCare was one of the largest diagnostic medical service companies in Canada. 
High caliber training and strict procedural adherence at the sample collection centers across the province are key components in the CML strategy.  In order to ensure this high level of performance, CML has been hosting a series of tours at their main lab.  Employees from across the province were brought in to the lab to visit each department and listen to presentations by the area managers.

Wishing to replace the tour process with something cheaper & more effective, CML hired GreenMan Video Productions to produce a video version of the tour.  The video will be distributed in an information kit which will be distributed to each collection center and may be made available on the company intranet.

The video shows the CML lab floor in considerable detail and
our Non Disclosure Agreement  prevents us from showing it to you.



NPSW video


GreenMan Video Productions created two promotional videos for the Canadian federal government.One video celebrates National Public Service Week and promotes the Future Leaders Of Ontario, a network of federal employees at the beginning of their careers.

The second video is an exploration of Public Service Renewal from the federal employees’ point of view.
The privacy conditions of our contract prevent us from showing you any content but you can click here to read our client’s opinion of our work.


Multimedia Business Presentations

Eric Bergman delivered his “Presenting with Ease” lecture at the Canadian Payroll Association’s 28th Annual Conference and Trade Show.  GreenMan Video Productions was there to record Eric’s entertaining & informative presentation.


Hoggan and Associates, an award winning corporate communications and public affairs agency, hired GreenMan Video Productions to produce a video of Jim Hoggan’s luncheon address at a recent International Association of Business Communicators World Conference.  We combined Jim’s compelling photographic media, his data and his live presentation to create not only DVDs but also a web-ready version that Hoggan & Associates posted on Vimeo.
Jim subsequently hired us to record his presentation at the 2010 Canadian Office Products Association Environmental Symposium.


"You Can't Spin Mother Nature" - Jim Hoggan at IABC World Conference from Hoggan & Associates on Vimeo .

Click here to read what Jim thought of working with us.



Video Production + Tax Law = A Winning Combination !!
GreenMan Video Productions was hired to record a live presentation on the topic of Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SRED) tax credits by a Toronto tax credit consulting firm who travels Ontario providing accounting seminars.  We combined the live footage with the supporting power point slides to create the final video.  Using the video has cut the accounting firm’s travel costs (one less accountant has to travel) and streamlined their presentations.

We are pleased to say that this has become an annual event for us.  This client has also hired us to record a biological lab tour in support of the lab owner’s SRED claim.  Our NDA prevents us from saying more but our customer would be happy to speak to you personally. 

Call us at 416-659-5321 or eMail us at if you would like to speak to them.


Process Improvement TeamsRed Cross Driving Tips DVD

Red Cross Abuse DVDGreenMan Video Productions has collaborated with several Red Cross process improvement teams to produce training videos for their home care workers; The DOs & DON’Ts of Abuse, Safe Driving Tips and Safe Transfer Principles.

We look forward to our next adventure with these
 creative Red Cross home care workers.


Promoting Entrepreneurs & Small Business


Terri video



GreenMan Video Productions worked with Theresa Rose, a Registered Massage Therapist, to create a video which promotes therapeutic massage in general and Theresa’s business in particular.  We took Theresa, her concept & her script into the York Regional Forest and created a video that Theresa uses at trade & health shows to attract visitors into her booth and spur conversation.




Legal ServicesGavel

GreenMan Video Productions has provided a variety of services to a number of Toronto area law firms e.g. recording legal opinions for presentation elsewhere, converting surveillance footage into a format which can be more easily presented in court.

Call us at 416-659-5321 or eMail us at to discuss your requirements.


Ethnographic Research Projects

Ethnographic ResearchEthnography (ethnos = people and graphein = writing) is a genre of writing that uses fieldwork to provide a descriptive study of human societies.

These days, the fieldwork component of ethnographic studies often relies on video evidence of the behaviors being studied.

GreenMan Video Productions was hired by Chrysalis Associates, a Toronto area market research firm, to produce the Canadian component of an extensive, 14 country, medical study.
Click here to read what the Chrysalis folks thought of our work together.

We have since worked with Chrysalis Associates on a project in Saskatchewan and we look forward to our next project with them.


Focus Groups

Focus Groups

Focus groups are a proven method of evaluating new product or service concepts while keeping development costs to a minimum.

GreenMan Video Productions has worked with a Toronto area opinion research firm who wanted to improve the quality of their group recordings.

The GreenMan videographer was able to remain ‘behind the glass’ and still follow the conversation as it moved from subject to subject, providing a much more dynamic recording of the focus group than was possible with the facility’s fixed-place camera.


We can deliver your focus group footage immediately as unedited miniDV tapes or DVD or as ‘ready to edit’ video files delivered on a hard drive.  We can also edit your footage if required.


Corporate Celebrations

Throwing a business party ?  Invite us!Corporate Celebration

  • Annual Sales Meetings & AGMs
  • Christmas Parties
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Retirements

GreenMan Video Productions recently completed a 40th Anniversary video project for a large plastic manufacturer with plants in Canada and the United States.  We combined employee interviews with archival media and employee generated stills to create retrospective DVDs with Canadian and American content that were played during the open house celebrations in both countries

Not only can we record your event.  If you are celebrating a business milestone, we can work with your staff to record a video that documents the reason for your celebration.  The video can be posted on your website, projected during the celebration or distributed to your employees as a memento.

We can even help you to include your entire organization by webcasting your event to your various sites as it happens.


Same Day Events

These events are different from Live Events in that we record your event as it happens, edit the footage on site and produce your video to be viewed later the same day

Same Day Events

A Toronto-area accounting firm hired us to record the activities at their annual golf day.  We created a multi-part video quiz based on employee golf shots recorded during the tournament.  The quiz was used during dinner to choose winners for the prize table.  We also created a short, humorous video comprised of employee comments and opinions collected on the golf course during the day.  The video was presented after dinner as the finale of a great corporate celebration.

The Ontario Presenting Network hired GreenMan Video Productions to record the keynote addresses at their Ontario Contact events.  DVD versions of the keynotes were available for sale shortly after each presentation.

Each Same Day Event is priced individually according to your requirements and the duration of your event.
Call us at 416-659-5321 or eMail us at to receive a free quote.


Corporate Programs and Announcements

Corporate Programs


The successful launch of a new corporate program depends upon the clear, timely communication of objectives and benefits to all levels of your organization.


      Our Newest Service ...

GreenMan Video Productions can webcast your  presentation to your employees over your intranet or to the wider world over the internet.  We can also record your presentation for use as video on demand or for distribution on disc


Lean Manufacturing & Kaizen Videos

GreenMan’s videographers are certified Lean Manufacturing practitioners. We can provide videography services to help you document and analyze your process in support of your Kaizen team events

Lean Manufacturing and Kaizen Videos


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