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GreenMan Video Productions can satisfy every couple’s budget. 
In addition to recording your wedding and reception, we offer five levels of service, which can include
 a photo montage of the bride & groom growing up, a “Love Story” video and honeymoon trip pictures.

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Here is an excerpt from one of our traditional weddings:

The Secret Wedding


The following video describes our most unconventional wedding.  Dozens of guests were eager to attend their friends’ Jack and Jill party.  But no one realized that they were actually going to the wedding.

Watch the following clip to learn the story behind The Secret Wedding

The Secret Wedding


Family History


Family History video


GreenMan Video Productions can combine all your old family photos, slides & movies into a compelling family history video.  We can even record the narration as your family elders watch a preview of the video and include that narration in the final video.  Imagine the lasting sentimental value of hearing the voice of a grandmother or grandfather as they narrate your family history.
We can also add an appropriate music track.

Here’s an example that doesn’t give away too much personal information
about our client.  Turn up the volume if necessary.



Vacation Photos & Videos

Many families shoot dozens or even hundreds of still pictures or hours of video while on vacation but don’t have the time or know-how to deal with it all when they get home

Vacation Videos
GreenMan Video Productions can turn your unused vacation media into a multimedia presentation that will let you relive your vacation for years to come.

We recently combined a client’s Swiss / Italian travel stills & video footage along with some Swiss / Italian music to create a travelog.

To make it even more interesting, we recorded the client family’s conversation as they watched a preview copy of the video and added their conversation to the final DVD as an optional soundtrack.

NTSC & PAL versions were sent to all the family members who hosted our clients on their trip.



Other Family Events

GreenMan Video Productions can also capture the warmth of anniversary parties, graduations, Bar Mitzvahs, birthdays and other family celebrations

Family Events 
A very creative family hired GreenMan Video Productions to produce a 60th birthday tribute video for the father / husband of the family.

We combined interview footage that we shot at various places around the city with still images, videos and music provided by the family.

We decorated & packaged the DVD to look like a documentary called Looking Back In History.  The family convinced a local Blockbuster store to keep the DVD behind the counter and to hand it over when the ‘birthday boy’ came in to pick up his weekly movie rental. Everyone was very pleased with the outcome.

In addition to recording your celebration, we can also create a “Looking Back” photo montage that can be displayed at the event.


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