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GreenMan Videographers have a unique advantage !

We have decades of process engineering experience working in a highly automated, quality & safety conscious industry.  This experience has given us industrial skills not readily found in other videography companies.

Process Demonstration / Experiment Videos

A multinational coatings company hired GreenMan Video Productions to record the removal of one of their fire retardant coatings from selected structural steel components.


Removal video

Certain elements of this video have been obscured to protect proprietary details.

We also recorded a continuous audio commentary from a process expert during the experiment.

If required, we can add text overlays to the final video which indicate experimental conditions.
The audio track and text fields can be delivered in multiple languages to suit the scope of your intended audience.


GreenMan Video Productions was hired to create a “video plant tour” to support our customer’s presentation at a multi-plant business meeting in Mexico.  We worked with a process expert provided by the customer and produced the video in 2 business days.  An excerpt of the video is shown below.


Plant tour video

Certain elements of this video have been obscured to protect operator privacy.


Maintenance & Operational Training Videos

Training Videos

Employee effectiveness is undermined by

    • record setting high levels of employee turnover
    • constantly changing processes and procedures
    • factory expansion or relocation to “off-shore” locations

Recently trained or incompletely trained employees can create lost time and line stoppages due to indecision  or operational errors.

GreenMan Video Productions can certainly produce traditional training videos.  However, in our experience, shop floor video on demand can be much more effective.

GreenMan Video Productions can provide on demand, shop floor assistance.  We will work with your staff to:

      • identify key processes
      • break processes down into their fundamental steps
      • record your own subject matter experts as they demonstrate those steps
      • store the videos electronically so that they can be viewed on shop floor PCs or mobile devices.

These are NOT 20 minute classroom style training videos.  Rather, they are 2-3 minute clips, highly focused on the fundamental steps in the process.  When in doubt, your operators and maintenance staff will be able to consult these short videos, learn what they need to know and return to the process with  a minimum of delay.

The following video was shot in a darkroom!
If we can shoot in those conditions, we can shoot in your factory.


KC video


Call us at 416-659-5321 or eMail us at to discuss the possibilities.


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