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Webcasting is the modern, cost effective way to make your announcement or display your product, your service or your event.  Webcasting allows you to target your clients, paying or registered viewers or the entire internet.

But a successful, professional webcast requires more than a webcam and a laptop !
Here’s the GreenMan approach to live webcasting.


Live Wiki Video


And here is a ‘wiki’ that contains the high points of what we have learned from producing our live events.

GreenMan Video Productions captures your event as it happens and uploads or “streams” it to the Content Distribution Network (CDN).  The CDN then distributes the stream to your audience in a variety of formats and bit rates suitable for viewing on PCs, tablets, smartphones, etc.

Choosing a CDN
CDNs come in a wide combination of price and features.
Some can be hired for individual events.  Others require a longer term subscription.
Some CDNs are “white label” in the sense that they are un-branded and can be decorated with your own trade dress.  Other CDNs offset their lower rates by displaying advertising for themselves or other clients during your presentation 
If you already have a preferred CDN, GreenMan Video Productions can work seamlessly with them.  Otherwise, we would be happy to organize the CDN service that best suits your budget or goals.

Your GreenMan crew
Your crew will be selected to suit the scale / budget of your production.  We can provide experienced camera operators, cable wranglers and audio / video and graphic switching operators who will ensure a professional result.

Audio / Video Capture
GreenMan Video Productions uses multiple, broadcast quality, 3 chip, high definition camcorders to ensure maximum light sensitivity & accurate color balance.  We use tripod mounted cameras for best results and hand held cameras as required.
We use professional audio equipment to capture main and background audio content.  We also compensate for the lip syncing problems that mark so many webcasts as un-professional.
Redundant AV switching and streaming hardware is provided to ensure an un-interrupted webcast.

Broadcast graphics and Additional Media
During your event GreenMan Video Productions can provide titling, lower thirds & cut-aways customized to match your existing graphics
Your webcast can also include all your supporting media e.g. spreadsheets, PowerPoint slides, still images, video clips or input from phone / Skype / Google Hangout / chatroom sources, etc.
We can also record the program for later use e.g. distribution on DVD, re-broadcast or Video On Demand

Worldwide audience reaction & feedback
Many events are “one way” events e.g. keynote speeches, product announcements.  The client speaks to their audience.
Audience reaction can come in the form of Twitter, Facebook, SMS, email and so on.  GreenMan Video Productions can also include those reactions in the webcast.

GreenMan Video Productions can also produce “two way” events e.g. training seminars or public announcements that respond to audience feedback.
We can summarize questions from the local or on line audience and display the summary to the presenter for their immediate response.

Encoding & uploading
Normally, the webcast is uploaded to the CDN using the internet network of the presentation venue.  A dedicated network is recommended.  GreenMan Video Productions uses a flexible, highly configurable software, constant bit rate, encoding strategy that ensures the best use of venue bandwidth.  Even so network bandwidth availability will fluctuate during the event. To avoid interruptions in the webcast, we limit the upload bitrate to half the maximum available bandwidth

Maximum Available
Network Speed

 Network Speed

Best Possible
Video Resolution

1.5 Mbs


Standard Definition

5 Mbs

2.5 Mbs

1280 x 720 HD

10 Mbs

5 Mbs

1920 x 1080 HD

Other 4G options are available when the venue does not have suitable internet access


Each Live webcast is priced individually according to your requirements and the duration of your event
The devil is in the details with this type of project.  Early planning can prevent problems during the webcast.
Call us at 416-659-5321 or eMail us at to discuss your event.



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