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Fixed Price Projects

We work with the majority of our clients to understand the scope of their project and issue a fixed price quote based on that understanding.


Live Event Webcasting

There are two phases to a successful webcast, capturing the event and streaming the video to the world.  Each phase requires considerable expertise.  GreenMan Video Productions has the necessary expertise to capture your event in broadcast quality, high definition video.  We can also arrange ticket sales / gate-keeping & streaming.  If you have a preferred Content Distribution Network, we will be happy to work with them

A successful webcast is the result of handling myriad details.  Live Event Webcasts are priced individually according to your requirements and the duration of your event.

Call us at 416-659-5321 or eMail us at to discuss your Live event.


Same Day Events

GreenMan Video Productions will record your event, edit the footage on site and produce your video for viewing later the same day.  Because of the pace and intensity of Same Day Events, they are priced individually according to your requirements and the duration of your event.

Call us at 416-659-5321 or eMail us at to discuss your Same Day event.


Wedding Packages

We offer a variety of wedding packages.  Click here to see our Wedding Price List.



Some of our clients’ projects are more open ended.  In such cases, we offer the following hourly & daily rates:

Hourly Rates
Travel and / or Living Expenses may apply to projects outside the Greater Toronto Area


Our shooting rates include our use of a broadcast quality Panasonic AG-HPX250P High Definition Camcorder, Atomos Samurai digital video recorder, on-camera light, tripod & Sennheiser Evolution 100 UHF Wireless Audio System as required.

$125 / camera / hour (or part thereof) - 2 hour minimum

8 hour rate - $750 /camera

Beyond 8 hours, our shooting rate is $190 / camera / hour (or part thereof)


$65 / hour (or part thereof)

We use a variety of audio and video software tools to produce professional quality High Definition videos.  We can also produce Standard Definition videos.  If you require your work to be delivered on DVD, it will be converted to Standard definition.  Shipping and handling charges may apply to deliveries outside of the Greater Toronto Area.


Standard Definition DVD Duplicating

GreenMan Video Productions always keeps a file copy of our clients’ projects.  Should the need arise, we can make duplicates of your project.  DVDs are labelled and delivered in a labelled package of your choice.  Shipping and handling charges will apply to deliveries outside of the Greater Toronto Area.  Provincial and federal taxes will apply.  Customers outside Canada can usually obtain tax rebates.

of copies

Paper Sleeve

Slimline case
with a printed
paper insert *

Jewel case
with a printed
paper insert *

DVD case
 with a printed
paper insert *

1 - 19





20 +

$ 7.73

$ 9.15

$ 9.75

$ 9.90

50 +

$ 5.40

$ 6.90

$ 7.20

$ 7.35

100 +

$ 5.03

$ 6.60

$ 6.90

$ 7.05

250 +

$ 4.65

$ 6.15

$ 6.45

$ 6.60

500 +

$ 4.13

$ 6.00

$ 6.30

$ 6.38

1000 +

$ 3.00

$ 4.50

$ 4.80

$ 4.88

* Containing text and graphics to your specifications

We make every effort to maintain the accuracy of these prices.

Please contact Brian or John to discuss your project and obtain a free, no obligation quote.

Call us at 416-659-5321 or eMail us at


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