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If you have:

  • a stockpile of old home movies, videotapes, negatives or slides that you can no longer view
  • digital media but no time to edit them & create DVDs

GreenMan Video Productions offers you a number of solutions:



Digitizing your media for display

Whether you have modern digital media or old movie film, VHS or Beta tapes, slides or prints, GreenMan Video Productions can convert your media to into a format that you can watch on your TV or computer.  We can create DVDs labeled in full color and delivered in a labelled case.  We can also deliver digital files that you can stream to your TV with a Roku, Western Digital or other streaming device.

Film to DVDThere are many companies who offer conversion services. 
So why choose GreenMan Video Productions ? 
In addition to simply converting your media, we offer four levels of service that you won’t find elsewhere.  These services include:

  • Titling scenes in your own words
  • Cleaning the images
  • Correcting exposure & color balance
  • Audio restoration (removing clicks, pops & hiss)
  • Adding a musical background
  • Adding sound effects
  • Conversion to 5.1 surround sound
  • Commentary (voice-over) by family members.
    Click here to see samples of this type of project.

We also offer a PREVIEW option that provides you with the opportunity to specify menu wording, re-sort the order of scenes and so on before we create your final version.


Click here to see some samples of our restoration work



Converting your images to data files

Editing Digital Photos

If you would prefer to edit your own images or home movies, GreenMan Video Productions can convert your old media to files that you can edit on your own computer.

Many delivery formats are available.  We can deliver your data files on memory stick, CD or DVD.  We can also put them on your own portable hard drive.  We can even send them to you through the Internet.

As you can see, your options are endless.  So, these services are not on our online price list.
Contact Brian or John at 416-659-5321 or eMail us at info@greenmanvideo.com to obtain a free, no obligation, quote


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